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Align clinical and financial incentives
to meet the needs of Medicaid patients

Partner with us to activate episodes of care programs for Medicaid, which organize the financing and delivery of care around a patient's entire health episode.  Our solutions provide the clinical and social services and technology needed to better manage the health, cost, and coordination of your Medicaid patients — so you can maintain your margin and your mission.

Take a holistic approach to caring for society’s most vulnerable

Caring for Medicaid patients comes with unique clinical, fiscal, and operational challenges. That’s why Signify Health has partnered with health plans in your area to offer episodes of care programs for health systems, physician practices, and FQHCs that care for Medicaid patients. By financing and administering care around Medicaid patients’ entire health episodes — whether for procedures, chronic conditions, behavioral health conditions, or substance use disorders — episodes of care programs reward a more holistic approach to health and healthcare.

Capture value for care provided beyond the four walls

Overcome the fragmented, uncoordinated care that can lead Medicaid patients to poor health outcomes and higher costs. By financing and administering care for a patient’s entire health episode, patients, Signify Health, clinicians, and Medicaid managed care organizations work together toward common goals of appropriate-site care utilization, medication adherence, patient self-management, reduced readmissions, and more. When you participate in our episodes of care programs, you’ll gain access to the clinical and social support network, proven technology, and real-time insights that helped us manage $6.1 billion in spend under the Medicare Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI-A) program in 2019.


Empower healthier patients
and better financial performance

By participating as a provider in our value-based episodes of care programs, you’ll be better positioned to improve patient outcomes — and to operate a more fiscally rewarding model that encourages what’s best for a healthier Medicaid population.

Personalized Care-1

Provide holistic patient
and clinician experiences

Gain access to the clinical and social staff network supported by advanced technology that will help close clinical gaps along each patient’s entire health journey — especially critical for more vulnerable populations.

Decision Support

Reduce administrative burden
and uncertainty

Enable physicians and other clinical staff to work at the top of their license. With our end-to-end episode administration support, you'll have confidence that you’re informed and proactively achieving clinical and financial goals.

Incentivized Partners

Share accountability
with no up-front investment

Our partnership model is built on shared accountability, so we succeed when you do. Plus, your participation requires no fees or investment in expensive support services or technology, which means you can accelerate performance without additional costs.

Field-based coordinators

Address clinical
and social care needs

Get a 360-degree view of every clinical episode patient with actionable insights from our social and clinical care coordinators, who work with your staff and other front-line clinicians to optimize patient outcomes. Using claims, clinical, and social determinants data, we leverage our advanced technology platform to help you better support patients' needs.

Measure outcomes

Gain insights
and leverage proven clinical tools

Give your clinicians the right technology, information, and tools for success. Our solution offers personalized engagement and guidance, leading site-of-care decision support tools, insights on quality and cost improvement levers, and real-time patient and population-level data that enables early intervention and management across care settings.

Perform Diagnostic Screenings

Access the scope of available episodes that’s right for you

Our wide variety of episodes of care offers eligibility to most specialties, with particular focus on some of the most high-impact health needs and treatments prevalent in Medicaid populations.

Who can participate

We work with nearly all types of provider organizations to tailor participation and engagement in our episode of care programs.



Medical groups
Accountable care organizations

IPAs and physician group practices

Clinically integrated networks
and CHCs
About Signify Health

Signify Health is a healthcare leader leveraging advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide clinical and social support networks to create and power value-based payment programs. We align financial incentives around healthy outcomes while giving providers tools and services designed to assess and manage risk, as well as identify actionable opportunities for improved patient outcomes, care coordination, and cost savings. We coordinate what we believe is a holistic suite of clinical, social, and behavioral services to address an individual’s healthcare needs and prevent adverse events that drive excess cost, all while shifting services towards the home.

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