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CVS Accountable Care Analytics Platform Training Live Sessions



See session descriptions and register below for at least one session from each of the four topics: Using Data to Drive Patient Care, Identifying AWV Opportunities, Quality Dashboard Deep Dive, and Tracking Performance in Accountable Care. 

Using Data to Drive Patient Care

During this course we will review the clinical workflows and tools available to better manage the health of your patient population. This includes:​

  • Care Management Workflows​
  • Patient Summary View​
  • Risk Gap Assessment​
  • Risk Stratification Workflows​

Identifying AWV Opportunities

During this course, we will dive deep into the Annual Wellness Visit reporting features that are included as part of the CVS Accountable Care Analytics Platform Including:​

  • AWV Operations ​
  • AWV Overview​
  • AWV Patient List​​

Quality Dashboard Deep Dive

This lesson will show you how to utilize the data available to identify and strategize improvement opportunities. Including:​

  • Quality Performance Dashboard by Payor
  • ​ Patient Gap List​
  • Closing Quality Gaps

Tracking Performance in Accountable Care

This lesson is to help those responsible for tracking and trending performance metrics for the ACO. We will cover all reporting functionalities within the ACO Analytics Platform​:

  • Emergency Department​
  • Inpatient Cost & Utilization​
  • Readmissions​
  • High-Cost Patients​
  • Contract Summary​
  • Executive Summary​
  • Health Equity​
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities​


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