Addressing Health Literacy to Improve Patient Care Outcomes


In this comprehensive four-part white paper, Ashok Roy, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of Value-based Care at Signify Health, addresses the importance of acknowledging health literacy, the relationship to the social determinants of health, and the ways these factors may result in health disparities in the United States. Dr. Roy also presents the opportunities in value-based healthcare using population health methodologies that can help healthcare professionals provide support for patients to overcome challenges, improve health literacy, and enhance access to health.
The four key topics include:
1. Assessing for Health Literacy
II. Educating Staff
III. Health Literacy Universal Precautions
IV. The Future of Successfully Addressing Low Health Literacy with Social Determinants of Health
Nearly nine out of 10 American adults lack the skills required to effectively manage their health and prevent disease. By investing in training and education to help healthcare teams learn how to identify low health literacy can not only lead to improved patient care outcomes but also lower healthcare costs and unnecessary ED visits and hospital admissions. 

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